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JONA Black Tiger P&D 13/15 10 x 1 kg IQF 25%-BD

JONA Black Tiger P&D 13/15 10 x 1 kg IQF 25%-BD
p/kg: €9.99

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The Black Tiger Shrimp derives its name from the dark stripes that adorn its shell, resembling the patterns on a tiger. Native to the Indo-Pacific region, these shrimp are highly prized for their large size and distinctive appearance. Ranging from grayish-blue to black stripes on a light background, the visual appeal of Black Tiger Shrimp adds an elegant touch to seafood platters and culinary presentations. What truly sets Black Tiger Shrimp apart is its robust and sweet flavor profile. The meat is succulent, firm, and has a unique texture that holds up well to various cooking methods. Whether grilled, sautéed, fried, or included in complex seafood dishes, the Black Tiger Shrimp's flavor shines through, making it a favorite ingredient in both traditional and modern cuisines. Black Tiger Shrimp is celebrated in diverse culinary traditions around the world. From classic shrimp scampi and paella to innovative sushi rolls and spicy Thai curries, the versatility of these shrimp makes them a go-to choice for chefs looking to elevate their seafood creations. The ability of Black Tiger Shrimp to absorb flavors from marinades and sauces contributes to its popularity in a wide range of dishes. As the demand for Black Tiger Shrimp has increased, there has been a growing emphasis on sustainable farming practices to ensure the long-term viability of shrimp cultivation. Responsible aquaculture focuses on minimizing environmental impact, reducing the use of antibiotics, and ensuring the welfare of workers in the shrimp farming industry. By supporting responsibly sourced Black Tiger Shrimp, consumers can contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems. Black Tiger Shrimp, with its bold flavor, elegant appearance, and culinary versatility, continues to be a sought-after ingredient in kitchens worldwide. As consumers become more conscientious about the environmental and ethical aspects of their food choices, supporting sustainable practices in the shrimp industry ensures that this delicious and prized seafood remains available for future generations. By opting for sustainably sourced Black Tiger Shrimp, we can collectively work towards preserving our oceans and supporting the well-being of communities reliant on this valuable industry.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Article number 4225.1
Weight 10.00
Client Groups N/A
Scientific name Penaeus Monodon
zoekcode 13PEM
EAN Code Box 2112018
EAN Code Retail 0
Brand Jona
Statistical code 03061792
Origin Bangladesh
Per pallet 64
Consumer Units per box 10
Catch area & Method 0
Ingredients & Allergens 0
Freezing methode & Shelf Life 0
Nutritional value 0
Product packaging 0
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