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Jack/Horse Mackerel WR 300-500g Block 1 x 20kg -CL

Jack/Horse Mackerel WR 300-500g Block 1 x 20kg -CL
p/kg: €1.79
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  • 195 for €25.80 (p/kg: €1.29)
  • 330 for €25.00 (p/kg: €1.25)

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The Chilean horse mackerel, also known as "jurel" in Spanish, is a species of mackerel native to the southeastern Pacific Ocean. With its streamlined body and silver-blue coloration, this fish is easily recognizable. Renowned for its mild and slightly sweet flavor, Chilean horse mackerel has earned its place in both traditional and contemporary culinary scenes. Chilean horse mackerel is celebrated for its culinary versatility. Its firm and meaty texture makes it well-suited for grilling, baking, or pan-searing, where it retains its juiciness and imparts a delicate flavor to dishes. Additionally, the fish's freshness and mild taste make it an excellent choice for raw preparations, such as sashimi or ceviche, allowing its natural flavors to shine through. In Chile, the horse mackerel holds cultural significance and is deeply woven into the fabric of coastal cuisine. From simple grilled preparations enjoyed on the beach to more elaborate dishes served in seafood restaurants, Chilean horse mackerel embodies the essence of coastal living. Its accessibility and affordability have made it a staple protein source for Chilean households. As the demand for Chilean horse mackerel has increased, the Chilean fishing industry has implemented sustainable practices to ensure the long-term health of the ocean ecosystem. Regulations on catch quotas, mesh sizes, and fishing seasons are in place to prevent overfishing and maintain a balance between ecological preservation and economic viability. Chilean horse mackerel, with its delicate flavor, versatility in the kitchen, and commitment to sustainability, stands as a testament to the rich bounty of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chile.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Article number 1245-102
Weight 20.00
Client Groups No
Scientific name Trachurus Murphy
zoekcode 01TRM
EAN Code Box 8721022015330
EAN Code Retail 0
Brand No
Statistical code 03035510
Origin No
Per pallet 65
Consumer Units per box 1
Catch area & Method Pacific, Southeast (FAO 087) by Purse catch
Ingredients & Allergens Fish 100%
Freezing methode & Shelf Life Block - 24 months after production date
Nutritional value p/100gr: 109 kcal/458 kJ Fat 4.8 Saturated 1.5 Carbohydrates 0 Sugar 0 Protein 16 Salt 0.38
Product packaging Cardboard - Telescopic box
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