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Jona Anchovy - Neetali Panready 80/100 10 x 1 kg 20%-IN

Jona Anchovy - Neetali Panready 80/100 10 x 1 kg 20%-IN
p/kg: €4.45
  • 10 for €42.50 (p/kg: €4.25)
  • 60 for €39.50 (p/kg: €3.95)

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The Indian anchovy, known scientifically as Stolephorus indicus, is a small species of fish belonging to the Engraulidae family. It is commonly found in the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean, particularly in coastal waters of the Indian subcontinent.

Appearance-wise, the Indian anchovy has a streamlined body shape, with a silvery coloration and a distinctive black spot on its shoulder. It typically measures around 10 to 15 centimeters (4 to 6 inches) in length, although sizes can vary.

Indian anchovies are schooling fish, meaning they gather in large groups for feeding, reproduction, and protection. They are primarily planktivorous, feeding on tiny planktonic organisms such as copepods and small crustaceans. They play an essential role in the marine food chain, serving as a significant prey item for larger predatory fish, birds, and marine mammals.

These anchovies are an important resource for fisheries in the Indian Ocean region. They are caught using various fishing methods, including purse seines, trawls, and gillnets. The catches are utilized for both domestic consumption and export purposes. In India, they are often used to produce fishmeal and fish oil, which are used in animal feed and other industries.

In culinary terms, Indian anchovies are popular in various regional cuisines. They are commonly used in curries, pickles, and as a flavoring ingredient in dishes. The fish has a distinct and slightly salty taste, which can add depth of flavor to different preparations.

It's worth noting that anchovies in general, including the Indian anchovy, are known for their high nutritional value. They are a good source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Overall, the Indian anchovy is a small but ecologically and economically significant fish species in the Indian Ocean, playing a vital role in the marine ecosystem and supporting local fisheries and culinary traditions.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Article number 1000.9
Weight 10.00
Sales units per order unit No
Client Groups Indonesian, Tamil, Thai, Vietnamese
Scientific name Stolephorus Indicus
zoekcode 01STI1000.9
EAN Code Retail 8813069100022
EAN Code Box 8814069100029
Brand Jona
Statistical code 03035990
Origin India
Per pallet 60
Catch area & Method Indian Ocean, Eastern (FAO 057) by Trawls
Ingredients & Allergens Fish (Stolephorus Indicus 100%)
Freezing methode & Shelf Life IQF 24 - 36 months
Nutritional value Energy 291 - Fat 1.8 of which saturaded 0 - Carbohydrats 6.8 of which sugar 1 - Proteins 47g - Salt 0.2g
Product packaging Outer Folding box Cardboard 365 x 300 x 230mm (L x W x H) - Inner LDPE Bag Plastic
Common Names
Common NameUsed inLanguage
TypeOfficial Trade Name
Indiese ansjovis South Africa Afrikaans Vernacular No
Dilis Philippines Agutaynen Vernacular No
Barriya Oman Arabic Vernacular No
Zaam Oman Arabic Vernacular No
أنشوفة هِندية Saudi Arabia Arabic FAO No
Bolinao Philippines Banton Vernacular No
Alipatang Philippines Bikol Vernacular No
Bolinao Philippines Bikol Vernacular No
Dilis Philippines Bikol Vernacular No
Matalos Philippines Bikol Vernacular No
Silag Philippines Bikol Vernacular No
Lipatang Philippines Bikol (Sagnay) Vernacular No
Nga-ni-tu Myanmar Burmese Vernacular No
Yae-kyin-ngae Myanmar Burmese Vernacular No
Bolinao Philippines Cebuano Vernacular No
Libgaw Philippines Cebuano Vernacular No
Tornos Philippines Cebuano Vernacular No
Tinggih Philippines Chavacano Vernacular No
Trwi-bao Comoros Comorian Vernacular No
Sardel indická Czechia Czech vernacular No
Bolinao Philippines Davawenyo Vernacular No
Anchovy Malaysia English Vernacular No
Hardenberg's anchovy India English Vernacular No
Indian anchovy Australia English Vernacular No
Indian anchovy Malaysia English Vernacular No
Indian anchovy Micronesia English Vernacular No
Indian anchovy Papua New Guinea English Vernacular No
Indian anchovy Philippines English Vernacular No
Indian anchovy South Africa English Vernacular No
Indian anhovy Viet Nam English Vernacular No
Indian anchovy Global English () FAO No
India stolefoor Estonia Estonian Vernacular No
Anchois indien France French FAO No
Balingon Philippines Hiligaynon Vernacular No
Bolinao Philippines Hiligaynon Vernacular No
Gurayan Philippines Hiligaynon Vernacular No
Bombra Philippines Ilokano Vernacular No
Burma Philippines Ilokano Vernacular No
Dilis Philippines Ilokano Vernacular No
Muleng-leng Philippines Ilokano Vernacular No
Munamom Philippines Ilokano Vernacular No
Tuakang Philippines Ilokano Vernacular No
Indo-ainoko-iwashi Japan Japanese Vernacular No
Dilis tantakot Philippines Kagayanen Vernacular No
Dilis Philippines Kuyunon Vernacular No
Bak kang Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Balinau Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Besin Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Bilis Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Bilis bunga air Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Bilis paku Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Bunga air Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Kang hu Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Mempinis teri Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Puri putih Indonesia Malay Vernacular No
Pusu Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Teri Indonesia Malay Vernacular No
Teri Malaysia Malay Vernacular No
Conetholi India Malayalam Vernacular No
കൊണതോലി  India Malayalam Vernacular No
കൊണതോലി   India Malayalam Vernacular No
കൊഴുവ India Malayalam Vernacular No
印度侧带小公鱼 China Mandarin Chinese FAO No
印度侧带小公鱼 China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
印度側帶小公魚 China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
印度小公魚 China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
印度小公魚 Chinese Taipei Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
印度小公鱼 China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
魩仔 China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
Tigih Philippines Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug (Tao Sug) Vernacular No
Dindus India Marathi Vernacular No
दिनदुस India Marathi Vernacular No
Dilis Philippines Pangasinan Vernacular No
Tuakang Philippines Pangasinan Vernacular No
Motoo hendi Iran Persian Vernacular No
Anszowetka indyjska Poland Polish Vernacular No
Anchoveta do Indico Mozambique Portuguese Vernacular No
Bavangawan Philippines Romblomanon Vernacular No
Guno Philippines Romblomanon Vernacular No
Lambiyang Philippines Romblomanon Vernacular No
Halmassa Sri Lanka Sinhalese Vernacular No
Handalla Sri Lanka Sinhalese Vernacular No
Samaduul Somalia Somali Vernacular No
Boquerón indio Spain Spanish FAO No
Bolinaw Philippines Surigaonon Vernacular No
Dagaa-mcheli Tanzania Swahili Vernacular No
Bolinao na puti Philippines Tagalog Vernacular No
Dilis Philippines Tagalog Vernacular No
Tuakang Philippines Tagalog Vernacular No
Tuarang Philippines Tagalog Vernacular No
Tuwakang Philippines Tagalog Vernacular No
Nehu Tahiti Tahitian Vernacular No
Nethili Sri Lanka Tamil Vernacular No
Nethilli India Tamil Vernacular No
நெத்திலி India Tamil Vernacular No
நெத்தீலீ India Tamil Vernacular No
நெத்தீலீ  India Tamil Vernacular No
Nattoo India Telugu Vernacular No
నట్టు  India Telugu Vernacular No
Katakyai Thailand Thai Vernacular No
กะตักใหญ่ Thailand Thai Vernacular No
Cá Cơm Ấn Độ Viet Nam Vietnamese Vernacular No
Ca-soc-phan Viet Nam Vietnamese Vernacular No
Boris Philippines Visayan Vernacular No
Dumudot Philippines Visayan Vernacular No
Bulinao Philippines Waray-waray Vernacular No
Bulinaw Philippines Waray-waray Vernacular No
Dilis Philippines Waray-waray Vernacular No
Tuakang Philippines Waray-waray Vernacular No

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