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JONA Vannamei shrimps P&D 16/20 10 x 1 kg 25%-IN

JONA Vannamei shrimps P&D 16/20 10 x 1 kg 25%-IN
p/kg: €7.98

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The Whiteleg Shrimp is easily recognized by its translucent white legs, a defining characteristic that sets it apart. Its body exhibits shades ranging from pale gray to light green, with a streamlined shape and a fan-like tail. Known for its relatively mild flavor and firm texture, the Whiteleg Shrimp has become a preferred choice for various culinary applications. The Whiteleg Shrimp has achieved immense popularity due to its adaptability to aquaculture. Originating from the Pacific coasts of the Americas, it is now farmed extensively in countries such as Ecuador, Thailand, India, and Vietnam. The success of Whiteleg Shrimp aquaculture lies in its rapid growth rate and resilience to various environmental conditions, making it a lucrative and sustainable option for shrimp farmers worldwide. Renowned for its sweet and delicate flavor, the Whiteleg Shrimp lends itself well to a wide range of culinary preparations. Whether grilled, boiled, sautéed, or incorporated into complex dishes, its firm and succulent flesh retains the natural sweetness that seafood enthusiasts adore. From street food stalls to high-end restaurants, the Whiteleg Shrimp has found its place on diverse menus around the globe. The widespread popularity of the Whiteleg Shrimp has raised concerns about the environmental impact of shrimp farming, including issues related to habitat destruction, water pollution, and disease management. Sustainable aquaculture practices, certifications, and responsible sourcing are crucial to address these challenges and ensure the long-term viability of Whiteleg Shrimp cultivation. The Whiteleg Shrimp, with its global appeal and culinary versatility, has become an icon in the world of seafood. From vibrant street markets to fine dining establishments, its presence on diverse menus speaks to its universal popularity.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Article number 4275.1
Weight 10.00
Client Groups N/A
Scientific name Penaeus Vannamei
zoekcode 13PEV
EAN Code Box 0
EAN Code Retail 0
Brand Jona
Statistical code 03061792
Origin India
Per pallet 62
Consumer Units per box 10
Catch area & Method 0
Ingredients & Allergens 0
Freezing methode & Shelf Life 0
Nutritional value 0
Product packaging 0
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