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Mackerels WR 300-500 gr 2 x 12,5 Kilo Block-FO

Mackerels WR 300-500 gr 2 x 12,5 Kilo Block-FO
p/kg: €2.15

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The fishery on Scomber scombrus, better known as the Atlantic mackerel, is an important commercial activity in many coastal areas around the world. The Atlantic mackerel is a pelagic fish species that primarily inhabits the northern Atlantic Ocean, from Norway to the Bay of Biscay and from Newfoundland to the Gulf of Mexico.

The fishery of Atlantic mackerel has been a significant source of food and income for coastal communities for centuries. Traditionally, mackerel was caught using small wooden boats and nets. However, modern techniques and fishing methods such as trawling, purse seining, and ring seining are often employed nowadays.

The fishery for Atlantic mackerel is often managed by national and international fisheries organizations to ensure sustainable management of fish stocks. This is crucial because overfishing can lead to a decline in population and disrupt the marine ecosystem.

Mackerel is highly valued for its taste and nutritional value. Its flesh is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins, making it a healthy choice for consumption. It is often sold fresh but can also be canned, smoked, or processed into other fish products.

However, the fishery of Atlantic mackerel also faces challenges. Managing fish stocks is complex due to the migration patterns of mackerel, which can vary depending on factors such as water temperature and food availability. Additionally, climate change can also affect the availability and distribution of mackerel.

In recent years, there have been controversies surrounding the fishery of Atlantic mackerel. Disputes have arisen between different countries over the allocation of fishing quotas and the size of fish stocks. These disputes have led to temporary suspensions of fishing and attempts to reach international agreements for sustainable fisheries management.

Overall, the fishery of Atlantic mackerel remains an important economic activity and food source for many coastal communities worldwide, with a focus on sustainable practices to ensure the future availability of this valuable fish species.

The Atlantic mackerel is used in various cuisines around the world due to its taste and nutritional value. Here are some examples of cuisines and dishes where Atlantic mackerel is commonly used:

  1. Mediterranean cuisine: In countries such as Spain, Portugal, and Greece, mackerel is often grilled, baked, or steamed and served with olive oil, lemon, and herbs. A popular dish is grilled mackerel with a refreshing salad.

  2. Japanese cuisine: In Japan, mackerel is known as "saba" and is widely used in sushi, sashimi, and smoked form. Mackerel is also often marinated and grilled in Japanese dishes.

  3. Scandinavian cuisine: In countries like Norway and Sweden, mackerel is an important part of the traditional cuisine. Smoked mackerel is widely consumed and often served on rye bread with butter.

  4. British cuisine: In the United Kingdom, mackerel is often smoked and used in sandwiches, salads, and pâtés. Kippers, smoked mackerel, are a popular breakfast dish.

  5. Mexican cuisine: In Mexico, mackerel is often grilled and used as a filling for tacos or burritos. It is often seasoned with Mexican spices and served with salsa and guacamole.

  6. Portuguese cuisine: In Portugal, mackerel is often stewed in tomato sauce with onions, garlic, and herbs. This dish, called "Carapauzinhos de escabeche," is often served as an appetizer or as part of a tapas menu.

These are just a few examples of cuisines and dishes where Atlantic mackerel is commonly used. The versatility of the fish allows for various preparations and enjoyment in different culinary traditions around the world.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Article number 1345
Weight 25.00
Sales units per order unit N/A
Client Groups No
Scientific name Scomber Scombrus
zoekcode 01SCS
EAN Code Retail 2112018
EAN Code Box 0
Brand No
Statistical code 03035410
Origin Faroe Islands
Per pallet 50
Catch area & Method FAO 27 Atlantic Northeast by Trawls
Ingredients & Allergens Fish (Scomber Scombrus 100%)
Freezing methode & Shelf Life Blockfrozen 24 months
Nutritional value 0
Product packaging Outer Folding box Cardboard Inner 2 x 12.5 kg LDPE Bag Plastic
Common Names
Common NameUsed inLanguage
TypeOfficial Trade Name
Korbazi Albania Albanian Vernacular No
Shkombri Albania Albanian Vernacular No
Skumbri Albania Albanian Vernacular No
Skusha Albania Albanian Vernacular No
Bacoréta Algeria Arabic Vernacular No
Cavaya Algeria Arabic Vernacular No
Kabaïlia Morocco Arabic Vernacular No
Kaballa Algeria Arabic Vernacular No
Kaval Algeria Arabic Vernacular No
Maquereau Algeria Arabic Vernacular No
Scomber Egypt Arabic Vernacular No
Skambary Lebanon Arabic Vernacular No
Skambri Syria Arabic Vernacular No
Skombry Egypt Arabic Vernacular No
Squomri Tunisia Arabic Vernacular No
Verat Spain Catalan Vernacular No
Lacertu France Corsican Vernacular No
Tombulu France Corsican Vernacular No
Bokulja Croatia Croatian Vernacular No
Lokarda Croatia Croatian Vernacular No
Šira Croatia Croatian Vernacular No
Škombar Croatia Croatian Vernacular No
Skuša Croatia Croatian Vernacular No
Almindelig makrel Denmark Danish Vernacular No
Makrel Denmark Danish Vernacular No
Gewone makreel Netherlands Dutch Vernacular No
Makreel Netherlands Dutch Vernacular No
Paapje Netherlands Dutch Vernacular No
Atlantic mackerel Syria English Vernacular No
Atlantic mackerel UK English FAO No
Atlantic mackerel USA English AFS No
Joey UK English Vernacular No
Mackerel Canada English Vernacular No
Mackerel Estonia English Vernacular No
Mackerel Ireland English Vernacular No
Mackerel Spain English Vernacular No
Mackerel UK English Vernacular No
Mackerel Isle of Man English Vernacular No
Split Canada English Vernacular No
Harilik makrell Estonia Estonian Vernacular No
Makrell Estonia Estonian Vernacular No
Makrelur Faeroe Is. Faroese Vernacular No
Makrilli Finland Finnish Vernacular No
Pikkumakrilli Finland Finnish Vernacular No
Maquereau Canada French Vernacular No
Maquereau France French Vernacular No
Maquereau commun France French FAO No
An ronnach Ireland Gaelic, Irish Vernacular No
Rionnach UK Scotland Gaelic, Scottish Vernacular No
Atlantische Makrele Germany German Vernacular No
Gemeine Makrele Germany German Vernacular No
Makrele Germany German Vernacular Yes
Scoubri Greece Greek Vernacular No
Scoumbri Greece Greek Vernacular No
Skoumpri Greece Greek Vernacular No
Σκουμπρί Greece Greek Vernacular No
Τσίρος Greece Greek Vernacular No
מקרל, מקרל אטלנטי Israel Hebrew Vernacular Yes
Makríll Iceland Icelandic Vernacular No
Agerto Italy Italian Vernacular No
Bisaru Italy Italian Vernacular No
Biseru Italy Italian Vernacular No
Cavaglia Italy Italian Vernacular No
Culeu Italy Italian Vernacular No
Ganzariol Italy Italian Vernacular No
Lacerta Italy Italian Vernacular No
Lacerto Italy Italian Vernacular No
Lacierte Italy Italian Vernacular No
Lacierti Italy Italian Vernacular No
Lacierto Italy Italian Vernacular No
Lanciardo Italy Italian Vernacular No
Laxertu Italy Italian Vernacular No
Lenzard Italy Italian Vernacular No
Macarello Italy Italian Vernacular No
Maccarello Italy Italian Vernacular No
Maccariedde Italy Italian Vernacular No
Maccerello Italy Italian Vernacular No
Occhioni Italy Italian Vernacular No
Oracoli Italy Italian Vernacular No
Palamitu Italy Italian Vernacular No
Sbirru Italy Italian Vernacular No
Scombro Italy Italian Vernacular No
Scombru Italy Italian Vernacular No
Scottoni Italy Italian Vernacular No
Scrumm Italy Italian Vernacular No
Scummaru Italy Italian Vernacular No
Scurmi veri Italy Italian Vernacular No
Scurmu Italy Italian Vernacular No
Sgombro Italy Italian Vernacular No
Sgomere Italy Italian Vernacular No
Sgommari Italy Italian Vernacular No
Sgummero Italy Italian Vernacular No
Sgummu Italy Italian Vernacular No
Strumbru Italy Italian Vernacular No
Strumbu varatulu Italy Italian Vernacular No
Strummu Italy Italian Vernacular No
Stummu Italy Italian Vernacular No
Tenna Italy Italian Vernacular No
Hirasaba Japan Japanese Vernacular No
Marusaba Japan Japanese Vernacular No
Saba Japan Japanese Vernacular No
Makrele Latvia Latvian Vernacular No
Skumbrė Lithuania Lithuanian Vernacular No
Kavall Malta Maltese Vernacular No
Pizzin Malta Maltese Vernacular No
Pizzintun Malta Maltese Vernacular No
Zigromblu Malta Maltese Vernacular No
鯖(大西洋鯖) China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
鲭(大西洋鲭) China Mandarin Chinese Vernacular No
Breac-varrey Isle of Man Manx Vernacular No
Makrell Norway Norwegian Vernacular No
Pir Norway Norwegian Vernacular No
Makrela Poland Polish Vernacular No
Makrela atlantycka Poland Polish Vernacular No
Cavala Portugal Portuguese Vernacular No
Cavala Madeira Is. Portuguese Vernacular No
Cavalla Portugal Portuguese Vernacular No
Sarda Portugal Portuguese Vernacular No
Macrou Romania Rumanian Vernacular No
Scrumbie albastra Romania Rumanian Vernacular No
Scrumbie albastră Romania Rumanian Vernacular No
Atlanticheskaya skumbriya Russia Russian Vernacular No
Skumbria Ukraine Russian Vernacular No
Skumbriya Russia Russian Vernacular No
макрель Russia Russian Vernacular No
скумбрия атлантическая Russia Russian Vernacular No
Скумбрия обыкновенная Russia Russian FAO No
Pinner UK Scotland Scots Vernacular No
Shiner UK Scotland Scots Vernacular No
Skusa Montenegro Serbian Vernacular No
Skusa Serbia Serbian Vernacular No
skuša Serbia Serbian Vernacular No
Skuša Slovenia Slovene Vernacular No
Caballa Spain Spanish Vernacular No
Caballa del Atlántico Spain Spanish FAO No
Caballa del Atlántico Spain Spanish Vernacular No
Maquereau bleu Mexico Spanish AFS No
Verdel Spain Spanish Vernacular No
Xarda Spain Spanish Vernacular No
Makrill Sweden Swedish Vernacular No
Pir Sweden Swedish Vernacular No
Uskumru Turkey Turkish Vernacular No
Uskumru balığı Turkey Turkish Vernacular No
Uskumruvonozu balığı Turkey Turkish Vernacular No
Макрель Ukraine Ukrainian Vernacular No
Скумбрія атлантична Ukraine Ukrainian Vernacular No
Скумбрія чорноморська Ukraine Ukrainian Vernacular No
Macrell UK Engld Wal Welsh Vernacular No
Ouo Senegal Wolof Vernacular No
SynonymAuthorCoL StatusValidSynonymyCombination
Linnaeus, 1758

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